1. Prize

Retractable Dog Leash “flexi Explore L”

2. Prize

Office Chair “Silver”

3. Prize

Pressure Gauge

Plagiarius Awarding 2017
The Prize winners of the Plagiarius Competition 2017

The jury met on January 14, 2017. Three main prizes and seven distinctions (equal in rank) were
awarded; total entities: 27.

Image rights: Action Plagiarius
Photos: left: original, right: plagiarism

1. Prize - Retractable Dog Leash “flexi Explore L”

Retractable Dog Leash “flexi Explore L”

Left Original: flexi-Bogdahn International GmbH & Co. KG, Bargteheide, Germany
Right Forgery: Various anonymous online sellers, using fake identities and daily changing accounts on amazon.com (USA). The inferior quality (e.g. dysfunctioning retraction mechanism) already led to customer complaints and reputation damages in the US.

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2. Prize - Office Chair “Silver”

Office Chair “Silver”

Left Original: Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG, Meßstetten-Tieringen, Germany
Right Plagiarism: Distribution: Shenzhen Chunshan Trading Co. Ltd., Shenzhen, PR China

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3. Prize - Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

Left Original: WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, Klingenberg, Germany
Right Forgeries: Manufacture: Ma Anshan Exact Instrument Co., Ltd., PR China
Distribution: Buu Ky, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
In 2015 the Economic Police confiscated “WIKA”-counterfeits within the scope of a raid at Buu Ky. In 2016, within the scope of a 2. raid, the “VIKA“-falsifications were found. Partially, the producer simply scraped off the first part of the “W”, partially he changed the “W” into a “V” (see the blank space at the VIKA-logo).

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Seven “distinctions” (equal in rank) were awarded:

Distinction - Wash Basin Mixer “AXOR Starck V” (above) and “Metris Classic” (below)

Wash Basin Mixer

Left Originals: Hansgrohe SE, Schiltach, Germany
Plagiarism right above: Taizhou Ranbo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, PR China
Plagiarism right below: Heshan Khone Sanitary Ware Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, PR China

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Distinction - Vacuum Flask “Ciento”

Vacuum Flask “Ciento”

Left Original: Helios Dr. Bulle GmbH & Co. KG, Wertheim, Germany
Right Plagiarism: Design-Plagiarism incl. Trademark Infringement
Distribution: Bazaar vendor in Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates
The imitator copies the design of the vacuum flask “Ciento” of Helios. However, he sells the copies neither under his own trademark nor under “Helios”, but illegally uses the Swiss trademark “Zepter” of the company Zepter International. He combines the design of one renowned company with the trademark of another well-known company. Also, there is no link between “Zepter” and “Prima Germany”. The background of “Prima Germany” is unidentified.

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Distinction - Bag “Taschelini”

Bag “Taschelini”

Left Originals: Koziol ideas for friends GmbH, Erbach, Germany
Right Plagiarisms: Manufacture: PR China
Distribution: TOKYO 1, Japan Houseware, Indonesia

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Distinction - Pilot Jacket “Mascot Safe Image”

Pilot Jacket “Mascot Safe Image”

Left Original: Mascot International A/S, Silkeborg, Denmark
Right Plagiarism: rukka AG, Tübach, Switzerland
Distribution of the plagiarism only in Switzerland

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Distinction - Nutcracker “Naomi”

Nutcracker “Naomi”

Left Original: Take2-Design GmbH & Co. KG, Rosenheim, Germany
Right Forgery: Distribution via AliExpress.com, Chinese Online Vendor, unknown identity

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Distinction - Endless Julienne Cutter

Endless Julienne Cutter

Left Original: triangle GmbH, Solingen, Germany
Right Plagiarism: Distribution: YDD Trade s.r.o., Prague, The Czech Republic

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Distinction - Professional Transport Helper “StarCarrier”

Professional Transport Helper “StarCarrier”

Left Original: Wagner System GmbH, Lahr, Germany
Right Plagiarism: Distribution: MERKUR trgovina, d.d., Naklo, Slovenia

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