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Prize winner Plagiarius Competition 2009   left: Original (Koziol) - right: Plagiarism

Plagiarius Jury 2016

Jury of the Plagiarius-Competition 2016

Plagiarius Competition

The Plagiarius Prize winners 2024 have been chosen.
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The Plagiarius Prize winners 2023 have been chosen.
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Founded in 1977, Aktion Plagiarius e.V. conducts an annual competition that awards the “anti-prize” Plagiarius to those manufacturers and distributors that a jury of peers have found guilty of making or selling "the most flagrant" imitations.Our signature trophy of a black gnome with a golden nose symbolises the exorbitant earnings product pirates collect at the cost of innovative companies. This gnome was created to express the German aphorism "to earn oneself a golden nose" meaning to earn a lot of money. The award ceremony is held during an international press conference at Ambiente, the consumer goods trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The Plagiarius prize-winners usually receive significant media coverage. Furthermore, all entries will be presented at the Plagiarius special exhibition during the Ambiente. At the conclusion of Ambiente, the winning products will be displayed in the Museum Plagiarius in Solingen or at the external Plagiarius exhibitions.

Any manufacturer, designer or distribution partner, who is authorised to hand in the original product and publicise the plagiarism case, can participate in the Plagiarius competition.

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Each year, Plagiarius selects a new jury of experts from design, technology, economy, and other associations to choose the prize winners.

The laudators at the Plagiarius Awarding  - who present the prize winner products - are renowned personalities from economy and politics. Here you can see a list of the Plagiarius laudators from 1977 up to now.