Information for the consumers
Gullible bargain hunters allow the counterfeiters multi-billion gains

Concerning the evaluation of copies the current perspective plays an important role. Consumers who have fallen for a plagiarism in bona fide, see themselves with good reason as victims and will complain about the vendor. However, when on vacation they cannot overcome the temptation to buy an obviously fake brand name bag at a knocked-down price, they downplay their purchase as a trivial offence. However, the consumers must not delude themselves into thinking that the intention of the counterfeiters is to offer them cheap alternatives. The imitators act recklessly and are merely profit-orientated. As markets regulate themselves by supply and demand each consumer bears considerable responsibility, i.e. users, who deliberately purchase counterfeit products also support child labour and criminal business practices.


Creativity and know-how inherent to the original product
Brand-name products do not only convince at first glance, they also keep their promise of quality in the long term. However, performance and safety come at a price: The process from a first bright idea to the market-ready product is often very time consuming and costly. Every single product development involves advance capital investment on the part of the entrepreneur. In order to secure future progress and jobs this entrepreneurial risk has to pay off economically.


Important information can be found in the following campaign:
Brochure of the European Commission


Please say "no" to counterfeits !