1. Prize

(for incitement) Street Lamp “Latina” (installed on “Al Waab Street”, Doha, Qatar)

2. Prize

Porcelain-Series “isola” (4 pieces)

3. Prize

Miter Cutter (with stop faces at 45°)

Plagiarius Awarding 2013
The Prize winners of the Plagiarius-Competition 2013

The jury met on January 12, 2013. Three main prizes, 2 special prizes and five distinctions (equal in
rank) were awarded; total entities: 43.

Image rights: Action Plagiarius
Photos: left (or above): original
right (or below): plagiarism

1. Prize (for incitement): Street Lamp “Latina” (installed on “Al Waab Street”, Doha, Qatar)

Originals: Editing- & Design Agency: Santa & Cole Neoseries S.L, La Roca, Spain
Architect / Designer: Beth Galí, Barcelona, Spain
Plagiarisms: Contracting Entity: Public Works Authority ASHGHAL, Doha, Qatar
More information about this case: www.qatarfakes.com

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2. Prize - Porcelain-Series “isola” (4 pieces)

Originals: Porcelanas da Costa Verde SA, Vagos, Portugal
Design: Studio Levien, London, Great Britain
Plagiarisms: Distribution: GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH, Cologne, Germany (under their own brand “Galeria home”)

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3. Prize - Miter Cutter (with stop faces at 45°)

Original: Gebr. Schröder GmbH, Kiel, Germany (Trademark „Original-LÖWE“, here OEM branded for company “Würth”)
Plagiarism: Distribution: Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, Künzelsau, Germany Country of Origin: Taiwan – not indicated

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Five “Distinctions“ (equal in rank) were awarded:

Window Vacuum „Window Vac WV 75 plus“

Original: Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG, Winnenden, Germany
Plagiarism: Manufacturer: Ningbo Elmar Electric Manufacture Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, PR China
Distribution: Ningbo Yadi Import & Export Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, PR China

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Toy Concrete-Mixer “MB Actros”

Original: BRUDER Spielwaren GmbH + Co. KG, Fürth, Germany
Plagiarism: HM Studio a.s., Horomerice, Czech Republic

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Ceramic Knife Sharpener

Original: Master Cutlery Corporation, Funabashi, Japan
Plagiarism: Manufacturer: Zhejiang Dasheng Mould Plastic Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, PR China
Distribution: A Swedish Distributor has found a mutual agreement with Master Cutlery prior to the jurymeeting and removed the plagiarisms from the market

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Silicone moulds „EasyChoc-ROBOCHOC“

Original: SILIKOMART S.R.L., Mellaredo di Pianiga, Italy
Plagiarism: Distribution: PLÁSTICOS VIDAL S.L, Ollería, Spain

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Egg Cup „McEgg“

Original: WMF AG, Geislingen/Steige, Germany
Plagiarism: Distribution: RNA Resources Group Ltd., Dubai

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The following two "Special Prizes" were awarded:

Special Award for Falsifications: LED-Torch “LED LENSER P7” and LED-Headlamp “LED LENSER H7“

Originals: Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH & Co. KG, Solingen, Germany
Falsifications: Manufacturer: JRS Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong, PR China
Distribution: Several German distributors have signed cease and desist letters and removed the fakes from the market

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„Hyena Prize“: Vegetable Cutter “swizzzProzzz sP20“

Original: swizzzProzzz AG, Beckenried, Switzerland
Distribution of Imitations:
1) Plagiarism 2011: Zhejiang, PR China / France
2) Falsification 2012: Ningbo, PR China
3 + 4) Plagiarisms 2013: Tsubasa Corp. Tokyo, Japan
5) Plagiarism 2013: Kowell Industry Corporation, Goyang, South Korea
6) Plagiarism 2013: unknown, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
7) Falsification 2013: Ningbo Haishu Lihui Export & Import Co., Ltd., PR China

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The Jury of the Plagiarius-Competition 2013

Each year the jury is put together individually with specialists from diverse sectors (Design,
Intellectual Property, Business, Media etc.). The following persons formed this years' jury...