Original (left) and copy

...on the surface: identical
inner values of copy: substandard...

It has already broken apart !

Hazard "Counterfeit"

Standard-Endurance-Testing of the “TÜV Nord” (Technical Inspection Authority, Germany) revealed that the fake wheels had cracks only after a short while and broke apart...

Not only luxury goods...

but also essential goods are being copied. These imitations also do great harm to innovative companies.

Welcome to the website of Aktion Plagiarius
Innovation vs. Imitation

Our websites provides information for designers, entrepreneurs, politicians, the consumers, teachers, parents and all others that are interested about the activities of Aktion Plagiarius as well as the problem of product- and brand piracy.

Original instead of counterfeit !
Business with fakes and plagiarisms is booming. Globalisation, the internet and gullible bargain hunters allow the counterfeiters world-wide sales and multi-billion gains. The damages caused by brand and product piracy on part of the original producers are immense, just as much as the serious risks for the consumers.

We provide recommendations concerning anti-counterfeiting measures as well as information for the consumers concerning the detection of poor fakes and plagiarisms.

We look forward to your opinions, experiences and ideas!